Banking Anytime! Anywhere! Be wireless always


Evolutions in mobile technologies today have opened up a global channel of mobile banking- anytime, anywhere! The mounting popularity of banking on smartphones or tablets has emerged a new generation of customers who value user experience, ease and immediacy, and enjoys the high speed of networks. It's imperative that to use the preferred method of banking, the customers use this technology seamlessly.

Customer loyalty is the primary challenge for the banks that confronts issues like cost pressures or device inoperability. The success of mobile banking lies within the improved ease of use and enriched user experience.

Zylog's Bank.Companion, is an award winning Digital banking framework, which offers secure Digital Banking Solution for Banks and Credit Unions and in-turn enables Banks & Financial institution to increase customer engagement by offering 24/7 anytime, anywhere Banking services.

The framework is developed and enhanced over the period of time with heavy focus on innovation & years of Research & Development bring out of the best of Digital Banking Services to the customers. The solution powers the bank to go completely branchless with add-on modules and innovative & scalable supported applications.

Functionality :