Custom Mobile Application Development for Growing Market Needs

With the growing number of mobile users it is imperative that businesses extend their web based application to mobile devices. Mobile applications have to be designed differently than the regular online sites. Because a visitor browsing the site from a mobile phone has constraints like time, space, speed, limitation in screen size. Unlike a PC user who will be sitting in one place and browsing the site, where the site rendering time will not be an issue, a mobile user will be on the move and will have very little time to wait patiently for the site to come up, will have no time to research on various options in the website and if the navigation is complicated the mobile user might not be interested in using the site at all. So when doing custom mobile application development for your businesses, all these factors need to be taken into consideration.

ZSL's Custom Mobile Application Development enables Corporate and businesses to develop easy to use wireless and UC powered business applications keeping pace with the growing market changes and business requirements to improve productivity and reach high levels of business growth with the right balance of speed, quality and cost. With an experienced team in place it is very easy to come up with simple, elegant, secure, user friendly interfaces adhering to strict Industry standards.


ZSL's Custom Mobile Application Development Offerings Include:

MOBILE B2C SOLUTIONS:  Connect consumers worldwide to your products and services via mobile apps and mobile websites.
MOBILE B2B SOLUTIONS:  Connect customers & partners to important company and product info.
MOBILE ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS:  Give salespeople, remote workers and field service techs instant access to important data, research and materials anytime, anywhere. So Whatever your need be Mobile Website, Mobile CRM, Mobile ERP, Mobile Dashboard, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Sales, Mobile Workforce, Mobile Gaming, Mobile Banking, Mobile Pharma and for which ever devices you are targeting. Our Custom Mobile Application Development team is well experienced in iPhone app development, applications for Blackberry, Google Android G1 phones, Windows Mobile and pocket PC.
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